As a business owner, at some point you will have come in contact with design and as a result of this you would have some understanding of what designers do.  Let me guess...creating logos, enhancing images in Photoshop, making newspaper ads, correct?  Yes, designers do these things, but really these are just elements of a much larger picture.

Designers use text, images, colours and typography to create print and digital design. From event posters, to corporate collateral, to company newsletters (digital or print) and of course a website, they rely on effective design to gain attention and communicate.

Good communication skills are an essential part of the designer’s toolkit. One of the most important phases of the process happens even before the design commences - listening to and understanding the clients requirements is step number one. Discovering the "underlying" problem they're trying to solve? Once established the designer can work with the client to find the best way to visually communicate their message, product or service to their potential customers and assist them to earn more money for their business.

Need a designer that can deliver?  Contact us to find out how we can offer a strong visual message to your target market.