Dynamic web content, why so important?

Did you know that your website depends very heavily on how often you update it's content? Well don't dismay if you didn't, as a lot of webmaster and SEO experts aren't aware either.  

The simplest way to explain this is as follows, one of the ways Google ranks your website is on what is called a "content quality score". In my previous post I spoke about Google's changes to its algorithm to reward websites that are mobile optimised. This algorithm however crosses across many facets of SEO. The more dynamic your website, the better Google will rate you in your organic SEO search.

Let's take another step back to make this a little clearer. When a potential customer is searching for a way to maybe fix their broken window, or service their car, or a handy man to help around the house, the first place they search these days is the internet either on their desktop or mobile device. They then type in search words or as we know them "keywords" to find a service nearby to them. The main results of this search is organic SEO. Some of these, as you would probably be aware, are Google Ads as they actually state Ad above or below the listing.

Now you know how your customers are going to find you, let's get back to the dynamic content and how Google scores you. The longer a person spends on your website reading it's content across multiple pages, the more dynamic and informative Google thinks your website is and it ranks you accordingly.  The more people you drive to your website and the longer they stay, means that Google will continue to rise your website up the ranks eventually reaching the illustrious first page.

Dynamic content comes in many forms on a website.  It can be as simple as updating your page content once a month, to housing a blog that you write a post for once a fortnight. These are not difficult ways to ensure you are staying as optimised as you can be.

However I can hear you saying as you read this post that you don't have access to your website, it hasn't been updated for so long and you paid a small fortune for it.  To add insult to injury you have to pay a small fortune every time you have to make changes.  

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